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The Queen of Sacred Love


Footsteps in the sand represent our journeys in lifetimes on the spiritual path (with individual imprints left behind).

To my left the ocean and her graceful feminine power,

To my right the steadfast land of the masculine keeping us grounded:

Both strong & necessary for life to grow & flourish.

From the earth we come from and to the earth we'll return.

In this Tantric photoshoot I felt deep connection to the awesomeness that is nature as well as to the woman I have become: Loved, Honoured, Divine & Free.

Join me now to rediscover your Sacred Self

& thank you finding me, Om Shanti Om. 

(peace in the cosmic manifestation).


I've been studying Tantra my whole life.... I only realised it in 2021 upon completion of my Esoteric Philosophies studies with the Sanctuary of Ananda Australian Institute of Tantra Training. 

I am here to help you heal trauma & create healthy, vibrant, loving relationships with yourself, others and the cosmos.

My mission is to empower and enliven you through clearing energetic blockages as together we awaken your Sacred Sensual Space to confidently create healthy, fun, vibrant, soul aligned relationships with your Divine Self and others full of luscious love expression!