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The Queen of Sacred Love


Footsteps in the sand represent our journeys in lifetimes on the spiritual path (with individual imprints left behind).

To my left the ocean and her graceful feminine power,

To my right the steadfast land of the masculine keeping us grounded:

Both strong & necessary for life to grow & flourish.

From the earth we come from and to the earth we'll return.

In this Tantric photoshoot I felt deep connection to the awesomeness that is nature as well as to the woman I have become: Loved, Honoured, Divine & Free.

Join me now to rediscover your Sacred Self

& thank you finding me, Om Shanti Om. 

(peace in the cosmic manifestation).


I've been studying Tantra my whole life.... I only realised it in 2021 upon completion of my Esoteric Philosophies studies with the Sanctuary of Ananda Australian Institute of Tantra Training. 

I am here to help you heal trauma & create healthy, vibrant, loving relationships with yourself, others and the cosmos.

My mission is to empower and enliven you through clearing energetic blockages as together we awaken your Sacred Sensual Space to confidently create healthy, fun, vibrant, soul aligned relationships with your Divine Self and others full of luscious love expression!

As a proud member of both the lgbtquia+ community and of Acon, I inclusively welcome ALL here with full support with zero discrimination

"As rain falls equally on the just and unjust,

do not burden your heart with judgements but rain your kindness equally on all"

Gautama Buddha

Courses & Sessions
  • Receive from Spirit a full reading providing in-depth insight & person...
    1 hr
    369 Australian dollars
  • Deepening the connection to Oneself and to Others
    1 hr 30 min
    555 Australian dollars
  • Replace shame, guilt, fear or pain with juicy Love and Light
    1 hr 30 min
    555 Australian dollars
  • Evolve Your Soul with these ever changing courses tailor made for your...
    From 1,500 Australian dollars

Jules, Aus

I have a long history of childhood sexual abuse and subsequently blocks around my sexuality and feminine power. Amanda was amazing. She was warm, kind, funny and held space for me in a way that felt safe and supported.

As we moved through a meditation she opened space for me to release what didn't serve me which facilitated an internal shift. I was able to move to a new way of relating with myself which was a stepping stone to me finding my power and remembering my innate wisdom.

If you need some sexuality healing, Amanda is your practitioner.


Ruby, Aus

I am always left inspired after spending time with Amanda.

She spends her time intentionally sharing, listening and encouraging.

I have been reminded to connect with Self and Soul, eliminate the ego and to Love love.

She came to me when I was in a time of need and helped me in ways I never expected, opening me up to the world through a lens I now aspire to take with me wherever I go.

I am now filled with encouragement and nourishment and aspire to share it across the globe.

kamila photo.jpg

Kamila, Poland

I think that there comes a time in each person’s life when they are facing something big and needs some clarification on how to grasp the understanding of what’s happening. Why am I suddenly more aware that something is happening? Why I’m constantly seeing the numbers 11:11, why do I wake in the middle of the night at 3.33?


I think it takes some time to admit that something “is” and once you do acknowledge that, give Amanda a call and book a reading because it’s an eye opener, an “ aha” moment. It gave me clarity and a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

Allow yourself to hear the message, it’s a life changer.

What they're saying...


Elle, Aus

I love Amanda and her divine work. Her Angel readings are accurate and on point and helped to confirm a lot of things for me. Amanda’s readings are filled with love, guidance and support and left me feeling clear on what I had to do next in my journey. Her energy is high vibe and you feel loved, uplifted and inspired after her readings. Thank you for your beautiful readings Amanda, you’re divine! Much love, Ellen Sirena xoxo 

Image by Azrul Aziz

Mick, Aus

Amanda has been the catalyst for my transformation from losing my temper easily, drinking too much and becoming distant from my wife.

Now, I’m making time for our four children whilst running a business, have lost 8kg and for the first time in 8 years my wife initiated love making. I haven’t felt this fit or happy in ten years! 

My children have changed from being scared of me to now asking to do homework and have ‘daddy time’ with me. 

The intimacy between my wife and I has been rekindled and I’m understanding her needs in a new way- our sex life is back!

This has all led to my energy levels being higher, less need to sit around or crave a drink and has put me on a really good path to be the best I can be for me and my family.

Ali photo.jpg

Allisandra, Aus

Amanda is Amazing!

I have struggled with intimacy issues and trauma for 11 yrs and seen numerous therapists but didn't make any real progress. After our first session I noticed a huge shift and enjoyed making love to my husband just days later.

 I feel alive, vibrant and sexy again for the first time in over a decade!

Amanda has such a beautiful energy that made me feel comfortable and safe from the very beginning. She has helped me awaken a part of me that I thought was lost.

 I will be eternally grateful!

My Journey


Tantra & Esoteric Philosophies Cert 1&2

Formal Pagan Witchcraft & Initiation

Dip. Meditation & Mindfulness incl. teaching

20yrs yoga practice incl.

Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin & Bikram

10yrs Buddhist Meditation & Pujas (Rigpa, Nan Tien, Triratna)

9yrs Physical Energy working

Dip Remedial Massage & Cert IV Personal Trainer

5yrs Chi Gong, 3 yrs teaching Mixed Martial arts with 1st Dan black belt, Shaolin kung fu


Multiple yoga and meditation retreats, kurtans, free dancing, chanting circles, cacao ceremonies, drumming circles, shamanic womb healing, shakti warrior dancing, crystal bowl sound therapy, salt room meditations, crystal healing, reiki, Angel meditations, past life regressions, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pilgrimage to Lourdes, On going studies of Kali Ma, Hecate, The Tao, Ascended Masters, Angels & Archangels


"The more we understand ourselves,

the more we can understand others"


Amanda, spiritually named White Wolf, is a Tantric Witch using Ancient wisdom from the Buddhist teachings of Tantra fused with Pagan witchcraft ritual. She channels Spirit and invokes deities of Divine Love to delve deep into intuitive soul healing.

With over 20 years of experience her skills include meditation techniques, womb healing, Chakra clearing, intimacy and sexual connection exercises.

Like so many of us, she spent years desperate to ignore her empathic abilities in the name of fitting into society with approval.

She also battled with acknowledging her sexuality after she was raped and fell in love with her best friend, afraid of rejection and judgement. When she finally 'came out' aged 30, she experienced abuse, segregation and forced to hide her relationship.

Close friends and family labelled her bisexuality as a phase, curiosity and confusion.

It took another 10 yrs to be able to fully celebrate and own her bi-sexuality as she was drawn to formally study the art of Tantra and become an initiated Witch.

Since then she has smashed through self sabotaging behaviour patterns, healed deep trauma and has undergone rapid evolution of her Soul. And after she fled domestic violence with her 8 month old son, she made it her mission to be in service to others.


Now, she empowers clients to unlock any shackles that hold them back from experiencing true happiness, freedom and expression of their birth-right sexual gifts of our Sacred Power to build beautiful lives for ourselves.

 Amanda provides a safe space for you to heal and learn Tantra to deepen the connection to yourself, others and the entire world around you wrapped in Divine Love.

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