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Kali Ma Bitched slapped me.. and gave this message for us all:

Kali Ma Channeling May 2022

Upon embarking on this spiritual based business, I had so much deep pain, blame, triggers and trauma to work through. One day I sat and cried after reporting a paedophile threat to the police and thought I had to thrash it out the emotions as I felt lost, unsure and doubting my decision to follow this path when I was compelled to write.

It totally took me off guard and I just went with it without question. I can only remember doing this many, many years beforehand, and it was actually when I leaving Australia for the first time, I was drawn to start writing my first ever book (20 years prior to this). I can’t remember the exact the questions going around in my mind but it was along the lines of:

Why am I hurting? What am I doing wrong? Am I being punished for something?

And then I knew she was with me; here is what I wrote as the channelling commenced, I have underlined what I feel is most potent for us all to hear:

KALI This isn’t punishment. Ask, Release, Nurture

Amanda My job is to feel, heal and transmute, am I doing this in vain?

KALI NO BE STRONG. The darkness wants you to implode, to feel rage, but we know DIFFERENTLY.

Amanda I just want to love and protect all the children and animals in the world

Then do it with your heart expansion NOW. Send them the message: TO SURVIVE YOU MUST SURVIVE & YOU WILL KNOW LOVE.

It disgusts me. I am ashamed to be human.

Don’t be: it was your choice.


It was. Focus on what you have: we sent you [my son’s name]. You must teach him, love him, protect him. They will NOT win EVER. Draw strength from this.


By calling on us. Knowing we are the same.

How are we the same?

Trust that we are. We are the Divine Collective.


Don’t question it.

The Divine Collective?


Can you tell me more?

What do you want to know?

Do we worship you?

Yes. You are honouring a part of YOU

So, Kali is within all of us?

Yes, if you choose to call upon me. We manifest through you at different times for different reasons. We are all aspect of the Divine Self

So, separation IS false


Is this the message I needed to hear?

IT is the message within us all, to be unafraid and listen. You are Warrior: I am Warrior. We all are if we so choose it; the integrations of Self.

But when we call upon you, it is as a separate deity..

Yes, but I am actually always within you, especially you Amanda.

Why me?

Why not?

Ha ha

WE love your humour. We need you to see you power. The sexual encounters were mild to draw attention to your / the sacredness of sexual energy and why it must STOP being misused.

How can I stop it?

By being you.

But how?

By doing the work: becoming so fucking powerful, indomitable, that there is no more hidden within you.

So this is an aspect of self loathing?



You blame yourself, you hate being female, your past life soul is affecting you, it has to end.

But I like her, she’s fierce.

You can be too in your own way; but she is full of rage and is feeding your pain body

So, I have one?


Should I give her a name?

Yes, if you like


It’s your choice.

So, to be clear, if we are one, I must be unafraid to call upon you?

You must command us.


Yes. That’s why the hag teased you. [this was a separate experience whereby 3 ‘dark’ goddeses appeared with a message for me]

I see.

We need you to embrace your true self Amanda. Your Powerful Self; Be unafraid: to Commit, to risk, to believe.

I do believe

You Cower?


You hesitate in your own beliefs and abilities

I become the pity party?

Sometimes yes. We are the Truth, here to help and serve you. You all think you are less than us. But you are not. We work THROUGH YOU.

This is all too much

We know. But it’s not really. You needed this insight and you need to know more. YOU set your own boundaries just as you do your reality.

We can create?

You create. Drama / joy / pain / all of it.

How can I change the pain aspect?

By bringing it to the light.

Tell me the work I need to do

Write. Write and write and write – we have always worked with you through writing. You do not need a degree for anything

But I want to learn and understand

It’s not in a textbook. WRITE the textbook.

Is it avoidance? Me wanting to do the degree?

Partly. But we are telling you NOW you don’t need it.


Please eat, you can channel later.

Here is where I put down the pen as I was exhausted and needed to nourish just as she said at the beginning. I have since called upon her in my first Tantra workshop where I was calmly in my power (whilst in a sex dungeon as the venue teaching an experienced brothel owner and sex worker; both of which I received surprisingly good feedback from. I couldn’t have done it without Kali, or should I say, the Kali aspect of my Divine Self;

She Rocks and so do you!)

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